18 March 2011, 18:00

Mother of a figurant on the case of "Spartak" fan's murder fears for her son's life

The investigation on the criminal proceedings started against Aslan Cherkesov is going on in a prejudged way. This was Sonya Cherkesova's statement at a meeting with journalists in Nalchik.

"The fact of the investigating bodies' prejudged attitude towards my son is quite evident. It was manifested by giving him a "yellow mark" which means that he is disposed to an escape. This worsened his position which had been critical even without that in connection with a broad resonance to the tragic incident", Sonya Cherkesova remarked.

The woman reported that accessibility of press for Aslan was limited, he was moved from a prison cell for two to a common one where persons who have repeatedly been under court are kept. According to Cherkesova, her son was refused a meeting with his mother.

Sonya Cherkesova says that she was fearing for her son's life. She states that Aslan Cherkesov has never been a drug addict of under court. She considers that Prime Minister V. Putin's statement made during his meeting with football fans concerned another Aslan Cherkesov, native of Nalchik, too.

Cherkesov's mother is sure that Aslan would have never used a traumatic gun if his life was not in danger. "Our lawyers have already proven that Aslan opened fire being knocked down on a cowl of a car", Cherkesova says.

The woman appeals to Vladimir Lukin, Ombudsman of the Russian Federation, and other human rights organizations to assist in regarding the case in court in accordance with the Russian legislation.

There are no comments from the investigation on the information reported at the press-conference yet.

Author: Luiza Orazaeva Source: CK correspondent

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