25 September 2012, 22:10

Chechnya included five thousand hectares land in Sunzha district into its territory

Within the framework of settling the question of demarcation of the administrative border of Chechnya 15 hectares land were included into the territory of the republic, among them five thousand hectares in Sunzha district arguable with Ingushetia, the Ministry of Property and Land Relations of Chechnya reported.

It should be reminded that on August, 26, Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov declared that he intended to discuss the question of demarcation of the administrative border with Ingushetia at federal level. Head of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Evkurov agreed with the proposition of necessity of demarcation emphasizing that the border with the neighbouring republic should be in keeping with traditionally established territories.

Last week representatives of the Government of Chechnya in Moscow and Pyatigorsk held work sessions in the Department of Federal Service of State registration, cartography and cadaster in North Caucasian Federal Okrug.

"Upon the results of these sessions based on title documents state registration was carried out, i.e. inclusion of six business entities of former state farm "Goragorsky", at present "Agrotechsrvice" state unitary enterprise, in Nadterechny district, into the territory of Chechen Republic. It makes over 15 thousand hectares lands, including five thousand hectares in arguable Sunzha district", a source in the Ministry of Property and Land Relations of Chechnya said to the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.

According to him, the meetings in Moscow and Pyatigorsk were held with the participation of representatives of official authorities of Ingushetia. "There were no claims or lack of understanding on the point from our Ingush colleagues", the source added.

Besides, a special committee on demarcation of administrative border with Ingushetia created in August is going on work in Chechnya. Four work groups: historical, legal (archival), land management and social with the participation of experts on these issues were created within the committee to solve the problems connected with delimitation in two arguable districts, Sunzha and Malgobek, which were part of Chechnya before 1934.

A similar committee is functioning in Ingushetia, too. It was formed upon the order of Head of the republic Yunus-Bek Evkurov yet in 2009 with the participation of heads of ministries and other institutions, senator from Ingushetia, deputies of State Duma and National Assembly of the Republic, clergymen, historians and public figures, web-site of the Government of Ingushetia reports.

Author: Muslim Ibragimov Source: CK correspondent

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