Internally displaced persons from Chechnya gather in Nazran, March 15, 2018. Photo by Uzhakh Uzhakhov.

17 March 2018, 10:10

In Ingushetia, IDPs demand to return their right to housing

On March 15, about 200 internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Chechnya gathered in a private house in Nazran. They reported to the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent their problems with the extension of refugee status. The IDPs also recorded a video message to the authorities of the country.

The IDPs from Chechnya have said they got scanty compensation and lost their refugee status and the right to housing, while the authorities of Ingushetia do not want to solve their problems.

"I lost my house and was registered as an IDP from Chechnya in 1995. In Grozny, our house was completely destroyed with all our belongings and all documents. Until today, I have not got any housing, however, like all other persons who gathered here," said Delimkhan Shamkhoev.

"We are tired of addressing officials, writing applications to the parliament, the government, and the leader of the republic. All the above does not bring any result: they simply do not listen to us," the man said.

According to Delimkhan Shamkhoev, when an obligatory rule was introduced that the refugee status to be extended every year, a lot of people did not know about that and therefore they did not extend their refugee status. As a result, the authorities ceased to consider them as IDPs, while the people were still not provided with housing.

Leila Gatagazheva, a 73-year-old pensioner, Category II Invalid, said she was removed from the list of refugees after in 2004 she got 130,000 roubles of state aid.

"However, even the cheapest little apartment could not be purchased with the money provided," the woman said.

Full text of the article is available on the Russian page of 24/7 Internet agency ‘Caucasian Knot’.

Author: Gor Aleksanyan Source: CK correspondent

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