September 22, 2023 19:59

August 31, 2023 18:50

August 26, 2023 21:37

  • MoJ recognizes Circassian activist Martin Kochesoko* as foreign agent

    The head of the “Khabze” public organization, Martin Kochesoko*, who now lives abroad, has been put on the register of foreign agents, the Russian Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has announced, explaining its decision by the fact that the activist had called for the violation of the territorial integrity of Russia and distributed foreign agents’ materials.

August 07, 2023 19:37

July 31, 2023 22:11

July 26, 2023 18:16

  • North-Caucasian Muftiates support Moscow action criticized by Kadyrov

    The provocative law enforcers' actions in the Moscow Region, which demonstrated disrespect for Islam, and the absence of response to demands to bring the participants and organizers of raids in mosques to justice, have caused understandable indignation among Muslims. This was stated by officials of the Muftiates of North Ossetia and Adygea.

July 21, 2023 19:40

June 24, 2023 19:43

June 08, 2023 21:54

May 25, 2023 14:43

  • Circassians in Turkey are alarmed by Russia's pressure on Diaspora

    Amid the deepening of Turkish-Russian cooperation, the Circassian Diaspora faces restrictions in their rights. Before the second round of the presidential election, the opposition has called to recognize the Circassians' genocide, but among Circassians, there is no political unity even on such issues such as Russia's military actions in Ukraine, members of the Diaspora have stated.

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