North Ossetia-Alania

April 17, 2024 19:38

April 12, 2024 21:35

April 11, 2024 21:45

April 08, 2024 22:58

  • Southern Russia: dozens of migrants prescribed to leave the country

    As a result of the raids conducted by law enforcers after the terror act in the Crocus City Hall, 30 migrants in Krasnodar, 87 ones in the Volgograd Region, 46 citizens of Central Asia in the Rostov Region, seven citizens of Uzbekistan in Ingushetia and a group of foreign students in Astrakhan have been ordered to leave Russia.

April 02, 2024 19:29

  • Lawyers treat the spring draft as creeping mobilization

    The introduction of electronic summonses and associated restrictions on person's rights have become the main features of the new draft; however, in Northern Caucasus, it will only result in an increase of the upper conscription age, lawyers have noted.

March 28, 2024 22:03

  • Attack on Crocus City Hall highlights issue of state assistance to victims of terror acts

    In Russia, the status of victims of terror acts should be legislated and state assistance should be guaranteed to them, human rights defenders claim after the terror act at the Crocus City Hall. According to the human rights defenders, the authorities still do not provide full-scale assistance to the victims of the terror act in Beslan and the militant attack on Nalchik.

March 27, 2024 14:49

March 26, 2024 23:13

  • Analysts dispute on risks of IS'* intensifying in Northern Caucasus

    After the terror act at the Crocus City Hall, in Northern Caucasus, there is a risk of intensification of militants of the IS*, although no terror acts on civilians have not been observed there since 2018. This was noted by Sergey Goncharov, a veteran of special services, and Andrei Koshkin, a military expert.

March 26, 2024 20:26

March 23, 2024 23:52

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