06 August 2003, 20:28

Chechen schoolgirl abducted in Samashki has been set free

Elsa Katsayeva, a schoolgirl from the 10-th form of the Samashki secondary school, abducted by unknown people on Saturday night has been set free. The head of the Achkhoy-Martan region administration Ali Dalnayev has reported it today.

According to his words, Katsayeva was in Nalchik from where she was taken home by the officers of the Achkhoy-Martan regional department of internal affairs.

Dalnayev did not specify if the girl had been abducted by criminals or had been detained for examination by representatives of law-enforcement structures.

Several hundreds of people blocked movement along the route "Kavkaz" for four days demanding from the authorities to take measures for the detention of people involved in the abduction of the girl.

The head of the administration marked that on Wednesday movement along the routed "Kavkaz" on the crossings Baku-Rostov - Achkhoy-Martan-Samashki was completely restored.

"We will find out all conditions of the incident and will ascertain if it was a pre-arranged provocation or a crime committed by delinquents," underlined Dalnayev.

Source: Gazeta.ru Website

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