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16 May 2023, 23:04

Main facts about "Akhmat-Grozny" Special Unit

The OMON (mobile special-purpose detachment, or riot police) "Akhmat-Grozny" is a special unit within the "Rosgvardiya" (Russian National Guard), named after the first president of Chechnya, Akhmat Kadyrov. OMON fighters take part in hostilities, including in Ukraine.

Creation history

On May 12, 2023, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, congratulated on the anniversary of the formation of the "Akhmat-Grozny" OMON Special Unit within the Chechen "Rosgvardiya" branch (1).

The Chechen OMON began its formation during the Second Chechen War on the initiative of Akhmat Kadyrov. He gathered fighters from his teip (family clan) Benoy and the sympathizers who were ready to fight together with the federal power structures. They also included the militants who had sworn allegiance to the federal government (2).

In 2016, the Chechen OMON was transformed from the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Russia into the troops of the Russian Federal Service of the National Guard Troops - the "Rosgvardiya" (3).

In November 2021, the OMON units of the Chechen branch of the "Rosgvardiya" were named after the first president of Chechnya, Akhmat-Khadji Kadyrov (4).


  • 2000-2003 – Musa Gazimagomadov;
  • 2003-2006 – Buvadi Dakhiev;
  • 2007-2019 – Alikhan Tsakaev (5);
  • since 2019 – Anzor Bisaev (6).

Places where "Akhmat-Grozny" acted

The Kadyrov people took part in the military operations in Georgia in August 2008, and since 2014 – in the Donbass. Units from Chechnya were also involved in the Syrian campaign (7). 

According to Kadyrov, "since the first days of the special military operation (SMO) in Ukraine, the 'Akhmat-Grozny' OMON fighters have been involved in the most difficult missions, in particular, they are carrying out "work to eliminate sabotage and reconnaissance groups, and to identify hideouts." (8)

However, in Ukraine, the units of Chechen OMON fighters perform only an auxiliary role, carrying out the screening of areas and guarding facilities; they don't act as combat units, assault squads or the military police. Meanwhile, Kadyrov and his people report on the liberation of dwelling settlements, talk about meetings with the "hospitable and friendly" local population.

In September 2022, after the US imposed sanctions against Kadyrov's relatives, the head of Chechnya announced in his Telegram channel the formation of another OMON unit, "Akhmat-1". "It consists of 2000 duly trained, ideological and heavily armed fighters," he wrote (9).


On May 13, 2023, Kadyrov wrote that the "Akhmat-Grozny" OMON unit had lost 121 fighters during all their years of service. According to the decision of the "Akhmat-Khadji Kadyrov" Fund, the families of the casualties will be provided with material support (100,000 roubles). (10)

Commander Bisaev

In October 2022, information appeared about the capture in Ukraine of Anzor Bisaev, the commander of the "Akhmat-Grozny" OMON Special Unit. Kadyrov refuted this information. He posted a video of himself talking on the phone with Bisaev and asking him if he had any problems. The commander of "Akhmat-Grozny" answered in the negative. (11)

In November 2022, Kadyrov posted a video in his Telegram channel of the shelling of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) by Ukrainian militaries. According to his version, the video was transferred by Anzor Bisaev, the commander of the "Akhmat-Grozny" OMON. (12)


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Source: Caucasian Knot

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