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March 12, 2024 15:41

March 11, 2024 21:16

March 11, 2024 19:55

March 11, 2024 18:16

  • Blogger Alibekov placed into Kazan SIZO

    Askhabali Alibekov, a blogger from Novorossiysk, suspected of using violence against a policeman, has been placed into the SIZO (pre-trial prison) in Kazan, the human rights project "OVD-Info"* has informed in his Telegram channel.

March 11, 2024 17:48

March 11, 2024 17:35

March 10, 2024 16:38

March 10, 2024 16:36

March 09, 2024 23:58

  • Azamat Shormanov. Photo: - the activities of the Meta Company, owning Facebook, are banned in Russia Authors of appeal to KBR head link end of pressure with publicity

    The Prosecutor's Office (PO) of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (KBR) has failed to react to human rights defenders' appeals demanding to stop putting pressure on the activists who had opposed the persecution of scientists from the Institute for Humanitarian Studies; however, there were no new attempts to dismiss scientists or interrogate activists.

March 09, 2024 23:36

March 09, 2024 23:16

March 09, 2024 22:36

  • A law enforcer at the cage in courtroom. Screenshot of a video "Berdsk Online" ECtHR recognizes violations of residents’ rights in Southern Russia

    Compensation for violation of rights during trials and in places of deprivation of liberty, in particular, placement in a cage at trial and constant video surveillance in a cell, should be paid to natives of Dagestan, the Volgograd Region, and Kuban, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has ruled.

March 09, 2024 21:55

March 09, 2024 21:15

  • The site of the counterterrorist operation. Screenshot of a video by the "Magas" TV Company on March 7, 2024 Karabulak residents demand to repair house after CTO

    Residents of a house in the city of Karabulak, damaged during the counterterrorist operation (CTO), have reported serious damage to the building and demanded that repairs begin as soon as possible; it follows from their video appeal addressed to authorities.

March 09, 2024 18:47

March 09, 2024 13:25

March 09, 2024 12:07

  • Participants of an action in memory of the victims of deportation of Balkar nationals. Nalchik, March 8, 2024 Nalchik townspeople commemorate Balkars on the 80th deportation anniversary

    On the 80th anniversary of deportation of Balkar nationals, actions in memory of the victims thereof were held in Nalchik (the capital of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (KBR)). An exhibition of archival documents and personal belongings of those repressed has opened at the "Memorial to the Repression Victims of the Balkar People".

March 08, 2024 21:37

  • Inver Siyukhov. Screenshot of a website that collects information about criminal cases against Jehovah's Witnesses (*396 Russian organizations of Jehovah's Witnesses are recognized as extremist, and their activities in Russia are banned by court's decision) Jehovah's Witness* in Adygea sentenced to six years in colony

    A court in Maykop has sentenced Inver Siyukhov, a Jehovah's Witness*, to six years in penal colony, although the prosecutor demanded nine years of freedom deprivation for him. Siyukhov is the third Jehovah's Witness* in Adygea who was sentenced to real term under the article on an extremist organization.

March 08, 2024 20:30

March 08, 2024 19:37

Relatives of Chechen young men shocked by secret verdict

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