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August 22, 2023 19:32

  • Mansur Soltaev. Screenshot of the video posted on Soltaev's Telegram channel on August 19, 2023 Chechen Ombudsperson evades answering rights defenders' questions

    At a meeting with Mansur Soltaev, the Ombudsperson for Chechnya, lawyers of the "Team against Torture" (TaT)* tried to find out how the security of the journalist, Elena Milashina, in Chechnya would be ensured, and how the inquiry into the beating of Nikita Zhuravel, a Volgograd resident, committed at the SIZO (pre-trial prison) was progressing. They failed to receive any specific answers to their questions.

August 22, 2023 18:06

August 21, 2023 23:18

  • Adam Elzhurkaev reprimands Roza Tsaralieva. Screenshot of the video Grozny woman detained for practicing witchcraft

    In Grozny, the police detained local resident Roza Tsaralieva, after which Adam Elzhurkaev, the chief of the Centre for Islamic Medicine, reprimanded the woman for practicing the occult services, follows from a report released by the “Grozny” ChGTRK (State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company).

August 21, 2023 22:15

August 21, 2023 19:49

August 21, 2023 18:16

August 20, 2023 18:50

August 20, 2023 15:46

  • Igor Paskar. Screenshot of the photo posted on the Telegram channel of the "Sota" on July 13, 2023 Igor Paskar, Volgograd resident, complains about beating at SIZO

    Igor Paskar from Volgograd, sentenced to 8.5 years in prison for setting fire to a rug near the FSB building in Krasnodar, has been transferred to the SIZO (pre-trial prison) in Novocherkassk. The SIZO staff has placed him into a cell with supporters of the special military operation (SMO) in Ukraine, who beat him up on the very first day, human rights defenders have informed.

August 19, 2023 23:51

August 19, 2023 22:07

August 19, 2023 20:55

August 19, 2023 19:23

  • Abubakar Yangulbaev. Screenshot of the video Abubakar Yangulbaev reports two criminal cases against him

    A criminal case under a terrorist article has been opened against Abubakar Yangulbaev, a lawyer, who had earlier become a suspect in an extremism case. He believes that his comment about Akhmat Kadyrov's fate was the reason for initiated the new case.

August 19, 2023 17:08

  • Activists' meeting with residents of Makhachkala, screenshot of the video by the "Caucasian Knot" Activists call on Makhachkala residents to complain about blackouts

    Residents of Makhachkala should fight more actively for their rights with the help of official complaints about power outages, state activists. During a meeting with residents of the Reduktorny village, they explained the procedure for filing complaints to supervisory authorities.

August 18, 2023 23:34

August 18, 2023 22:46

August 18, 2023 22:13

  • A gavel. Photo: Fyodor Obmaykin / Yugopolis Blogger from Vladikavkaz fined for discrediting Russian Army

    A court in Vladikavkaz has found Batraz Tigiev, a blogger from Vladikavkaz, guilty in absentia of discrediting the Russian Army and fined him by 45,000 roubles. The blogger has stated that he was deprived of the right to defence, as he was not informed about the court session.

August 18, 2023 19:59

  • Magomed Magomedov at a solo picket in defence of Gadjiev. Photo Court refuses to treat Magomedov's detention at picket as illegal

    In court, the police have explained the detention of Magomed Magomedov, a deputy editor-in-chief of the "Chernovik" outlet by the concern for his safety because of a possible brawl. Idris Yusupov, a journalist, has fully confirmed Magomedov's testimony, but the court sided with the defendant and refused to recognize the police's actions as illegal.

August 18, 2023 19:39

  • Zarema Musaeva. Screenshot of the video from the website "City Portals" Zarema Musaeva returned to SIZO after hospital treatment

    Zarema Musaeva underwent two weeks of medical treatment and examination in a Grozny hospital, after which she was returned to a SIZO (pre-trial prison), the “Team Against Torture”* reports. In a letter to her son, Zarema Musaeva wrote that her health state improved significantly, and doctors prescribed a surgery.

August 18, 2023 15:23

  • A protest action on Akushinsky Avenue in Makhachkala. Screenshot of the video posted on the Telegram channel of the "Chernovik" (Draft) outlet on August 17, 2023 Residents of Makhachkala demand to resume electricity supply

    On August 17, residents of the Semender village and Akushinsky Avenue blocked the streets in Makhachkala to protest against interruptions in the electricity supply. On Akushinsky Avenue, the supply of electricity has been restored, and the protest action has been stopped, the authorities report.

August 17, 2023 23:58

  • The Code of Administrative Offences, photo: Yelena Sineok, Dagestan: two protesters against mobilization fined

    After an anti-mobilization action held in Makhachkala, Magomed Ubaidulaev and Murat Aligadjiev were accused of using violence against a law enforcer, but their defence succeeded in reclassifying the criminal case and imposing a court fine on both of them.

Relatives of Chechen young men shocked by secret verdict

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