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February 09, 2024 16:18

February 08, 2024 23:56

  • A penal colony. Photo: Yelena Sineok, Natives of Dagestan convicted for murder in Kalmyk colony

    The Supreme Court (SC) of Kalmykia has found natives of Dagestan, Magomed Atimagomedov and Daud Kuramagomedov, guilty of attempting to escape, murder and attempted murder, and disrupting the colony's work. Atimagomedov has been sentenced to 25 years in prison, and Kuramagomedov – to life-long imprisonment.

February 08, 2024 23:14

February 08, 2024 22:12

February 08, 2024 18:52

February 08, 2024 18:49

  • Two Krasnodar residents apologize for their video with kiss

    A Krasnodar female blogger and her girlfriend made a video in which one of them proposed to the other, after which they were kissing each other with passion. The police drew up protocols against the both young women for promoting non-traditional sexual relations.

February 08, 2024 14:08

February 08, 2024 14:06

  • Seda Suleimanova. Photo by the SK SOS Crisis Group* (included into the register of foreign agents) Rights defenders demand to check version of Seda Suleimanova's murder

    Sources in Chechnya has voiced out the version that Seda Suleimanova was killed by her relatives, the SK SOS Crisis Group* has reported and demanded from the Investigating Committee of the Russian Federation (ICRF) and the Russian General Prosecutor's Office (GPO) to conduct a check.

February 07, 2024 18:03

February 07, 2024 17:01

February 07, 2024 16:57

  • Zarema Musaeva at a court. Screenshot of a photo posted on the Telegram channel "Bakar Yangulbaev" Zarema Musaeva transferred to another colony

    A court in Pyatigorsk has postponed the consideration of the appeal against the verdict of Zarema Musaeva for a month due to her inability to take part in the court session via video conferencing.

February 07, 2024 00:00

February 06, 2024 21:37

  • The "Akhmat" battalion. Photo: Grozny Inform Alaudinov attacks critics of idea of "Akhmat" Children's Academy

    Apti Alaudinov, the commander of the "Akhmat" Special Forces, has treated those who criticised the idea of the "Akhmat" People's Friendship Academy as "armchair heroes", suspecting them of having links with Ukraine and LGBT* people. Activists of the "Rusich" unit, commenting on Alaudinov's indignation towards "Russian nationalists", refused to apologize.

February 06, 2024 19:37

February 06, 2024 18:07

February 06, 2024 17:34

February 05, 2024 22:49

February 05, 2024 18:58

February 05, 2024 18:14

February 05, 2024 17:10

Relatives of Chechen young men shocked by secret verdict

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