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May 18, 2024 21:33

May 18, 2024 19:59

  • A Federal Security Service (FSB) officer. Photo: press service of the Russia's FSB Armed incident in KChR is third in 25 days

    The shootout in the Nogai District, where law enforcers killed an alleged member of a terrorist organization, was preceded by attacks on police squads in Karachaevsk on April 22 and in the village of Mara-Ayagy on April 29 this year.

May 18, 2024 19:23

May 18, 2024 17:47

May 17, 2024 23:13

  • Mikhail Balabanov. Photo: the activities of the Meta Company, owning Instagram, are banned in Russia Prosecution demands nine years in jail for Mikhail Balabanov for commissariat arson

    At the Southern District Military Court, the prosecutor has demanded to sentence Mikhail Balabanov, 21, to nine years in jail on charges of preparing to set fire to the military commissariat (registration and enlistment office) in Nevinnomyssk. Balabanov's guilt has not been proven; there are signs of falsification in the case, his defence has pointed out, demanding to acquit the defendant.

May 17, 2024 19:25

  • Movsar Umarov. Screenshot of a video Rights defenders treat case of missing Movsar Umarov as typical for Chechnya

    The decision of the Grozny court to provide Eset Umarova with the materials of the case of her son Movsar's disappearance gives some hope to his family, but investigators are unlikely to make the hope true. The fate of Chechen residents who disappeared like Umarov often remains unknown, human rights defenders have pointed out.

May 17, 2024 18:11

May 16, 2024 22:49

May 16, 2024 21:10

May 16, 2024 18:57

May 16, 2024 17:47

May 15, 2024 23:24

May 15, 2024 22:13

May 15, 2024 21:13

  • Car arson in Grozny, screenshot of a video posted on MAKALOV YouTube channel Rights defenders link kidnappings with car arson in Grozny

    In Grozny, an unknown person has set fire to a car with a DUSTUM license plate and the inscription K13 on the door. A resident of the Chechen capital was detained on suspicion of committing the arson; he surrendered himself after the kidnapping of his family, the Chechen oppositional Telegram channel has reported.

May 15, 2024 18:58

May 15, 2024 17:37

  • Olga Begretova (Efendieva), photo: the "Memorial" Centre for Human Rights Defence (CHRD) Activist from KBR tries to sue FSB

    Olga Begretova, a female activist from the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (KBR), who was subjected to forced fingerprinting by border guards, has demanded to treat the refusal of the republic's branch of the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) to provide the information collected about as illegal and to oblige the branch to eliminate the violations.

May 14, 2024 23:52

May 14, 2024 22:57

May 14, 2024 22:47

  • In Ingushetia, court returns mother of two Leila Gatagazheva to SIZO

    The Supreme Court (SC) of Ingushetia has upheld an appeal filed by the prosecutor’s office against mitigation of a pre-trial restriction measure for Leila Gatagazheva, accused of involvement in groupings of Syrian militants. The young woman has been returned to a SIZO (pre-trial prison) for the second time.

May 14, 2024 18:06

Relatives of Chechen young men shocked by secret verdict

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