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September 11, 2023 18:47

  • Novorossiysk resident fined for pacifist inscription

    A court in Novorossiysk has found Stanislav Shaforostov, a local resident, guilty of discrediting the Russian Army for making a pacifist inscription on the administration building. The judge took into account the defendant's remorse and imposed a fine on him that was half of that provided for by the administrative article.

September 11, 2023 17:50

  • 50-year-old Krasnodar resident fails to challenge his conscription

    The Krasnodar Garrison Military Court has rejected the lawsuit lodged by Vasily Kovalyov, 50, a local resident, who demanded to nullify his mobilization conscription. Kovalyov was drafted into the army on October 11, 2022, although he had the right to a deferment from conscription as an employee of an accredited IT company.

September 10, 2023 16:47

  • Elena Milashina. Screenshot of the video Journalist Milashina finds it unsafe to go to the appeal in Musaeva's case

    Elena Milashina, a journalist, has refused to attend the session of the Supreme Court (SC) of Chechnya that will consider the appeal complaint against the verdict passed to Zarema Musaeva. The refusal is caused by the absence of Chechen authorities' reaction to the question about the safety of the trip, Ms Milashina has explained.

September 09, 2023 21:13

September 09, 2023 19:44

September 09, 2023 18:54

September 08, 2023 21:09

September 08, 2023 18:13

September 07, 2023 22:51

  • Themis. Photo: In Caucasus, courts pronounce lenient sentences to mobilized men on drug charges

    In the Stavropol Territory, military courts sentenced mobilized Vitaly Sayutin and Anton Degtyaryov to a year of probation, and Akhmed Murtsalov – to a fine in cases on drug trafficking. In Nalchik, a court sentenced Ilyas Sultygov to nine months of probation on the same charge. Participation in the special military operation was taken into account by the courts as a mitigating circumstance.

September 07, 2023 22:15

September 07, 2023 21:14

September 07, 2023 19:47

September 07, 2023 16:37

  • Lawyer reports pressure on Abramov from Krasnodar in his military unit

    Alexei Abramov, a resident of Krasnodar, who refused to take part in hostilities due to his health problems, walks on crutches, said Mikhail Benyash*, a lawyer. He has noted that the command of Alexei's military unit is dissatisfied with the publicity of his case and is putting pressure on Abramov.

September 06, 2023 23:07

September 06, 2023 22:34

September 06, 2023 21:55

September 06, 2023 21:10

September 06, 2023 20:35

September 06, 2023 17:11

September 05, 2023 23:57

Relatives of Chechen young men shocked by secret verdict

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