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July 06, 2024 18:12

July 05, 2024 23:57

July 05, 2024 23:48

  • Khasan Khalitov. Screenshot of a video posted on his YouTube channel on July 2, 2024 Chechen activists assess risks for Khalitov

    The publication of threats voiced by Adam Kadyrov against blogger Khasan Khalitov does not reduce the risks for the critic of the Chechen authorities living abroad, but confirms the involvement of the Chechen authorities in the kidnapping of his relatives, a political analyst and a human rights defender state.

July 05, 2024 23:12

  • Women wearing niqabs. Photo: Kremlin and State Duma distance off niqab-ban discussion

    The topic of banning niqabs in the republics of the North-Caucasian Federal District (NCFD) is not discussed in the Kremlin, the presidential press secretary has stated. The issues of religious clothing fall within the competence of the clergy, the Russian State Duma MPs have indicated.

July 05, 2024 21:10

July 05, 2024 19:57

  • Khadjimurad Khanov. Screenshot of a video posted on Shamil Khadulaev's Telegram channel on June 30, 2024 Haste in opening case against Dagestani blogger Khanov raises doubts about its grounds

    Blogger Khadjimurad Khanov asked for house arrest in a criminal case on illegal arms trafficking, but a court placed him in custody, an advocate and a friend of Khadjimurad Khanov report. The criminal case against the blogger looks strange, since it was instituted several days after the scandal over a niqab, a Dagestani human rights defender and a journalist emphasize.

July 05, 2024 17:48

July 05, 2024 17:08

  • Handcuffs. Photo: Denis Yakovlev / Yugopolis Law enforcers' provocations put gays in Dagestan under additional threat

    Gays in Dagestan were in danger even before law enforcers held provocations and raids on them; and after the arrest of the gay blogger Matvei Volodin, threats have grown manifold. However, as noted by rights defenders, law enforcers have no real grounds to open cases against gays under the article on extremism.

July 04, 2024 23:57

July 04, 2024 23:08

July 04, 2024 20:52

July 04, 2024 20:45

  • Mikhail Balabanov. Photo: SOTAvision included into the register of foreign agents Human rights defenders recognize Mikhail Balabanov as political prisoner

    The case against Mikhail Balabanov, convicted under the article on terrorism for preparing to set fire to a military registration and enlistment office in the Stavropol Territory, was the result of a provocation by the FSB, stated the “Support for Political Prisoners. Memorial” human rights project.

July 04, 2024 17:19

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July 03, 2024 18:12

  • Khadjimurad Khanov. Screenshot of a video Scandal with niqab in Khasavyurt provokes Khanov’s detention

    Charges brought against Khadjimurad Khanov in a criminal case on possession of firearms and a grenade is absurd, and the attention of the law enforcement bodies is caused by the scandal surrounding the demands for an apology from a doctor in Khasavyurt, who asked a patient to remove her niqab during a medical examination, to which the leader of Dagestan reacted, Dagestani journalists and activists believe.

July 03, 2024 16:03

  • Khasan Khalitov, screenshot of a video posted on the YouTube channel "Havaj Dudaev" Kidnapping of Khalitov's relatives alarms rights defenders

    The kidnapping of the relatives of Khasan Khalitov, a Chechen blogger living abroad, is revenge for his call to Aishat Kadyrova, the current Vice-Premier of Chechnya; threats to Khalitov were voiced out by Adam Kadyrov, a son of the head of Chechnya, human rights defenders report, expressing concern for the health condition of the blogger's relatives, especially his elderly father.

July 02, 2024 23:23

July 02, 2024 22:51

Relatives of Chechen young men shocked by secret verdict

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